Furnishings Realization

The carpentry deals with the production of series articles (large quantities) but also the design of customized supplies on design.

We offer a wide range of turnkey services for private and public administration, furnishings of all types and destinations (home, offices, shops, business premises …), interior design, architecture, construction, plant and logistics services and production of Semi-finished products for companies.

The company represents a young, dynamic and innovative reality but above all reliable and prepared.

Our team is made up of highly qualified technical personnel. Architects, designers, geometers, technicians to run computerized work centers, skilled carpenters and long-time craftsmen, lacquers, polishers and fitters. Each member works in teams to achieve our sole purpose that is to provide a work of art rule.

Perfect for your Business or your Home

We develop and build projects for home or office furnishing.

We combine handmade wisdom with advanced machining processes.

We devote ourselves to research and innovation in the field of design.

We attach great importance to customer service and warranty.

Rita Montanari

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